We have carefully selected the finest essential products from top Scandinavian brands for our Nobis Well-being Package. We hope you enjoy them and perhaps discover your new favorite.

Frama | Light Towel

FRAMA Light Towels, made from 80% organic and GOTS-certified cotton and 20% linen, are compact, quick-drying, gentle on skin, and naturally hypoallergenic. Lightweight and breathable, these thoughtful towels make a perfect travel companion.


Volant | Essential oils

6 different curated essential oils from Volant to elevate your experience doing the well-being sessions. Helen from Rave yoga will be introducing the oils in each video. These oils can also be used for your diffuser at home.


AYU | Body Mist (100ml) & Body Oil (50ml)

AYU is a Danish brand rooted in a holistic approach to health called Ayurveda. A lightweight and moisturizing mist with that helps balance your mind and senses. AYU's Body Oil are rich in nourishing and caring ingredients that work together to maintain the skin’s optimal moisture balance.


Nuori | Foaming Cleanser (30ml) & Lip treat

Nuori is a Danish skincare brand with focus on natural products with high efficiency. Nouri's Foaming cleanser cleans and remove makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Nouri's Lip treat is made for your travel kit. Highly moisturizing with a lightweight texture.


Good Habit Co. | Vitamins

Good Habit Co. customize vitamin pills after your need. formulations are developed in Denmark through a collaborative approach between graduates in human nutrition, our clinical dietitian, and the state-certified food technician of our subcontractor.

Check out https://www.good-habit.co/en-eu and get exactly the vitamins you need.