Architecture & Design

The interiors of Nobis Hotel are created in collaboration with Wingårdhs, one of Sweden’s most celebrated architectural firm, under the leadership of star architect Gert Wingårdh. Wingårdhs previously designed the interiors of Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm for Nobis Hospitality Group.

“Danish classicism, which the Nobis Hotel Copenhagen building is a fine example of, is something special. In the main building, we’ve been delicate and respectful, emphasizing every detail of the original architecture and decor, adding superior quality natural materials such as various marbles, stone, wood and glass, with a subtle color scale, accentuated with beautiful deep greens” - Gert Wingårdh, Wingårdhs.

In the interior design of Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, Wingårdhs has worked with a set of core values important to us at Nobis Hospitality Group; Authenticity, honesty, quality, care and richness in detail. We have designed this hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark for the pleasure and enjoyment of our guests. Therefore, the interiors are not loud, flamboyant or self-righteous, but toned-down and discreet. The building’s imposing sense of space and elaborate, elegant detailing gives the interiors a natural grandeur. These neoclassicist interiors meet classic design from our modern and contemporary times, combined with playful and sophisticated additions as well as some unexpected twists.

The rooms, painted in soothing, richly saturated green-blue tones, all have massive chevron-patterned wooden parquet floors and high, white-painted windows with crossbars as center pieces. The bathrooms are clad in grey Bardiglio marble from Italy.

All furniture is distinguished by craftsmanship and quality, characterized by curved upper lines reflecting the shapes of the building’s original windows. All materials are carefully selected to age with grace. Nordic design classics from various eras are combined and contrasted with furniture, lighting fixtures and carpets designed exclusively for Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, all to create a uniquely personal, friendly, welcoming and elegant hotel.