Nobis Hospitality Group

Founded in 1987 by Alessandro Catenacci, Nobis Hospitality Group is a family-owned group of first-class hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and meeting and event venues in Stockholm, expanding into international markets. The company includes Nobis Hotel Stockholm, Operakällaren, Café Opera, Stallmästaregården, Hotel J, Miss Clara Hotel, Hotel Skeppsholmen and our latest addition Nobis Hotel Copenhagen. Many of the Nobis Hospitality Group venues are housed in remarkable, historically prominent and esteemed venues.

Nobis Hospitality Group is not a chain or a franchise. Each hotel, restaurant, club and venue in the group has its own distinctive personality, based on its individual history and tradition.

“I never had a strategy for expanding our group,” says Alessandro Catenacci. “We have only taken opportunity of what has come naturally. I’m a very intuitive person. I only engage in endeavors that feel exactly right from the very beginning. I have been charmed by all the venues in our group and I’ve been lucky to be entrusted with developing and operating some historically very prominent sites.” 

Most of the venues in Nobis Hospitality Group could be defined as luxury. Alessandro Catenacci, however, has never been completely at ease with this term. 

“I like our hotels and restaurants to be very stylish, extremely comfortable and with the highest possible quality in every aspect, but I don’t need all those unnecessary gimmicks and the snobbish attitude still too often associated with luxury around the world. Our definition of service is humble, warm and friendly, treating guests and people with respect and with meticulous and loving attention to every little detail.”  

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